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No FWFCC scheduled for 2020...

Stay tuned for information regarding future Childhood Cancer Campaign events!



To all of the - Beneficiary Reps, Sponsors, Walkers, Donors, Volunteers and Vendors - who came out (in the heat) to the event yesterday, we can't thank you enough!❤

Do You Know the Health Benefits From the Foods You Eat?

Please plan to join us at Tanaka Farms on

September 14, 2019


for the 5th Annual

Farm Walk for

Childhood Cancer

and learn about the cancer fighting benefits from 10 fruits and vegetables we eat everyday

What is Farm Walk for Childhood Cancer?

Farm Walk for Childhood Cancer is a one-mile walk around Tanaka Farms with 10 fruit/vegetable sampling stations along the route.  These stations will be staffed by various "childhood cancer" organizations.  They will pass out the produce samples, provide information about the cancer fighting benefits of the product and at the same time, promote their organization.



New this year...

Shop at the Farm Walk Boutique !

Be sure to visit the vendors

at Tent 11 

Can't attend but want to support our effort?

Click here to donate

🎗Thank you🎗

💖Thank you💖

Live 4 MTM

Lions Heart BR2023

Girl Scouts Troop 3341

Niizawa/Miya Family and Friends of Evan

Anchor Cancer Support Group

SOC Ninjas Boys Basketball Team - players and families

SOC Ponytail Warriors Girls Basketball Team - players and families

SOC Ronin Boys Basketball Team - players and families

SOC Octagons - High School Youth Group

Cal State Fullerton Women's Basketball

OCO Youth Groups

Albert Huang - Photographer

Emi Okuno and Joyce Nakashima - Photos

Friends and Family 😊

for volunteering at the 2019 FarmWalk!

    Walking To Save Lives: The Fifth Annual Farm Walk for Childhood Cancer
by Chester Sakamoto

    To witness a loved one battling cancer is difficult enough, but when said loved one is a child, it can be even more devastating.  While advancements in medicine and treatments as well as further research have brought the survival rate from just 10% fifty years ago to a staggering 90% today, the truth of the matter is that 12% of children and young people diagnosed with cancer do not survive*.  Though these statistics have improved over time, various organizations are committed to ridding the world of such ailments all together, and will not rest until every afflicted child is cancer free.
    There are a number of events and fundraisers nationwide that bring awareness to cancer in all its various forms and facets, but one that focuses solely on childhood cancer takes place locally here in Southern California.  The Farm Walk for Childhood Cancer is an annual event that is held each September, which also happens to be Childhood Cancer Month.  Now in its fifth year, it is an enlightening and (dare I say) optimistic event that invites participants to not only amble through the farm's sprawling grounds, but encourages them to sample its freshly-picked produce, all while learning about childhood cancer and what people can do to help fight the disease.  
    Last year's Farm Walk drew in record numbers, and this year's is slated to be another great success.  A collaborative effort between the Orange Coast Optimist and Suburban Optimist Club, who see to young people's scholastic, moral, physical, and civic development, the proceeds benefit FROCS Friends of Catherine, The Love Evan Project, CHOC Children's Foundation Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Treatment Program, and the Optimist International Childhood Cancer Campaign.  The fifth annual Farm Walk for Childhood Cancer will be taking place on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the historic Tanaka Farms in Irvine.  Register today at: to help in the fight against childhood cancer.  
*statistics from CureSearch for Children's Cancer

Chester Sakamoto is a freelance writer based in the San Fernando Valley.  When not writing journalistic articles, he composes poetry and short fiction.  

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